Variant Covers and You!

What are Variant Covers?

When a comic book retailer orders the comics they are planning on selling they have options. Many first or major issues have multiple covers. Each cover is different and many times are done by a different artist than the main cover. For every 50 copies of the main cover the retailer orders they may purchase one copy of the "50 copy" variant cover. For every 100 copies of the main cover they order they may purchase one copy of the "100 copy" variant cover and so on. (That "100 copy" variant just cost the retailer the cost of one issue x 100).

Unless a retailer is ordering a title that they have many subscribers for they will usually order few or no variants for that title. Less variants are made so ideally they are worth more money. Obviously since a retailer has to purchase 50 copies of a comic in order to purchase one copy of the first level variant, the retailer is going to charge more money for it.

When customers order variants they need to remember that the retailer may not even qualify for the variant they are requesting. Also, even if the retailer does qualify for the variant that the customer wants, other people may have already requested it.  Of course, the customer has the option of purchasing 50 copies of the comic and then I'm sure any retailer would have no problem ordering the variant for them.

Variants remain a controversial topic in the world of comics and can lead to great frustration. Some retailers have even vowed not to carry them as they feel they are exploiting customers that feel they have to have every cover released for their favorite title.

At Legacy Comics we order a very healthy amount of titles. Even we do not always qualify for all customer requested variants and when we do qualify it is not neccessarily enough to cover demand. Rest assured that the variants we do receive are given to the people that requested them and in the order requested by date. The earliest orders get the variants first.

If you order a variant cover on the day the comic releases your chances are not good. On the day a comic releases it has already been available for order for an entire two months. In this industry retailers have to order everything two months prior to its release date.

Using and the Previews catalog available in the shop, you can plan your variant purchases enough in advance to give yourself a fighting chance to get that coveted cover.

Have questions on ordering variants? Feel free to contact us by email at or call the shop during business hours at (956) 723-4420.




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